Status: In progress
Location: Northern Minnesota

The Goose Creak Safety Rest Area is located on Interstate 35 between the Twin Cities and Duluth, Minnesota. The facility is the first in a series of public facilities that serve as a gateway to Upper Minnesota and the Lake Superior Region. The new rest stop is located in a forested site on the edge of Goose Creek with picturesque views of wetlands and meadows in the distance. The original rest stop was designed in the 1960s as a series of circular forms distributed along an elevated bluff surrounded by a mix of oak, maple and ash trees. The landscape is richly foliated and provides habitat for a variety of animals, birds and insects.

The project included the redesign of all of the structures including the main rest stop, picnic pavilions, and a support building. In keeping with the intent of the original park facility, the architectural design concept weaves a series of curved circulation paths into the natural landscape. The most dramatic views are experienced from within the building over looking the creek and from an elevated walkway that circles the exterior of the building providing an unexpected and exciting vantage point. A children’s play area, site seating, and trellis shading connect to the larger site and more remote picnic areas.